The loop makes the difference

It´s possible to make an incredible thin wallet with tough materials such as super-slim aluminum or titanium, but you´ll always end up with the weight of a brick in your pocket. But not with the LOOP WALLET: attached with a loop, the wallet is never an inconvenience as it sits inside your trousers and not in your pocket ! It´s hard to believe, but it´s the most convenient way to wear a wallet – take a look at the test in the FAQ section.

Unforgettable ?

Forgetting your wallet can get you in serious trouble – and you´re lucky if you notice it´s missing before it´s too late.

The LOOP WALLET is conveniently attached to your trouser´s so it´s almost impossible to forget !

With which kinds of trousers does it work  ?

The LOOP WALLET works with all kinds of trousers that have belt loops. You can wear it with or without a belt, because you need the belt loop only.