The new concept of a loop at a wallet solves a lot of problems:

No cards are dropping out

After using wallets for a longer period of time, genuine and artificial leather tends to become loose and if you don´t add more cards they will drop out, if you open the wallet.

But not the LOOP WALLET: you can flip it open and close again with a press button

Theft proof

There are some places where it´s a bad idea to wear your wallet in your back pocket and putting it in your front pocket can sometimes make it even more attractive to potential thieves.

But not the LOOP WALLET: it stays invisible and in a hard to reach place, making you a tough-nut for pick-pockets.


Conventional wallets are not attached anywhere, so it is easy to forget them when you are leaving your home, car or hotel.

But not the LOOP WALLET: it is attached at the belt loop of your trousers or your belt, so it is hard to forget it !

These are all problems, that are solved by the way when you are using the most convenient kind to wear a wallet.